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Well I live in south Florida and my puppy came from them. They have no idea how she got so far. I told them I was making sure she wasn't stolen. Granted I only know what they have told me. My family is in Georgia and my next family visit I'll be making a trip to their new house etc. I know my pup came from an accidental litter that wasn't expected and only had 4 or 5 pups all of which they sold to one person that had been trying to purchase whole litters from them. I have correspondence with them on a consistent basis because kali was so sick when I rescued her. I also know that everything Mr nix told me about her diet vaccines and worming sand and vitamin schedule is the only reason she wasn't dead she got a great start. I do know a lot of people don't keep their animals in the best condition at all times. However these people are old time country and are very ignorant to what is really going on in the puppy trade. Kali is smart and I'll have her tested for issues when she's bigger but my vet said she is amazingly healthy despite her travels that got her sick. I just don't know how to go about researching them any further without meeting them and maybe I'm wrong who knows I just love my kali.

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