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Originally Posted by Serena View Post
Thank you. I do understand how expensive it is to raise a litter, and I have read that particular post. It was very informative. I guess it just shocks me each time I see the costs for a pet puppy. And some of them don't do all of the testing, either and yet still charge extremely high prices. One breeder that my husband spoke to said her pet puppies are $2500. Her show puppies are $3000. She doesn't test, she said she knows her lines. Yikes!
That's not good! It's breeders like that that frustrate breeders with true integrity to no end, I'm sure. I understand your shock at seeing the prices too, I remember our family dog growing up was $600 from a great breeder. I was a little surprised to see prices these days too! But as long as the price reflects the quality and health of the puppy, a couple hundred dollars extra shouldn't sway your decision too much (in my personal opinion). In the long run it is negligible. Over the years you will be paying much more with vet checkups, supplies, food, boarding, etc.
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