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Originally Posted by HerculesCasey View Post
It sounds like you feel embarrassed because your being judged by friends involved with rescues? IMO most rescue organizations don't really support any breeder despite how ethical they may be. If there are homes for all or most of the puppies is it unethical? In my opinion no, rescuing isn't for everyone people want the puppy experience, health testing is important to some. Don't feel embarrassed by how many litters they have had in a year feel proud of your puppy, his pedigree, personality and that you made a choice to have a responsibly bred health tested puppy. Breeding and litters can be debated until the cows come home.

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I just wanted to echo this too as I agree. Where I live it's a pretty big dog city and area. We have a lot of shelters in the city, a lot of responsible breeders, and even more back yard breeders. I see a lot of the "don't breed or buy while animals sit and die" bumper stickers and other magnets. If people see Duke isn't neutered and ask if he's going to be bred and I say yes even after mentioning he is a show dog and is health tested, I still get that hostile and disgusted look sometimes and the disagreeing "oh" then they walk away without even looking at Duke. Some people will just never be happy. I'm definitely not saying this applies to all who rescue though.

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