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Default Too Many Litters?

Originally Posted by Furbabyneeded View Post
That's exactly what I get, from friends. I mentioned I would love to breed my girl (when she is older, health tested, etc) and friends were appalled. I then got educated on their rescues and how many dogs die. Sigh. It's hard to be proud of my amazing pup, with all the negative talk. It drives me nuts. I began wondering if I am the one who is wrong.

My one friend shares the rescue stats non stop. I am happy to hear that this is actually a debate and I am not the only one who gets treated badly for going the breeder route. I thought I was doing the right thing. Lol.

My girl is part Euro. She is so beautiful and honestly, the smartest pup I have ever met. Her parents are both amazing. Her dad was an import.

***should add, breed her with the breeder, not on my own. I have no clue how to breed, birth, or raise a litter.
I was just going to say make sure you seek help on the proper way, health testing and a conformation check but if your puppy is quality enough to breed your breeder should be able to help get you on the right track and you guys can negotiate a breeding rights contract, very important! But no matter what choice you make in life you will encounter nay Sayers!

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