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Jeff - you're become the crotchety old man!!! lol But seriously, I understand your concern. Maybe some barbed wire across the back of your fence would deter fence climbing? lol

Originally Posted by SirVonKennedysDutch View Post
Being that I am a bully breed only type of person, I was at on time interested in Beware of Dog signs but I have a friend who is a chief of police and another who is a judge. They told me to NEVER post a Beware of Dog sign anywhere on my property. They said because if someone did accidentally get bitten, the sign represents that you "knew" your dog could pose a threat or menace to the neighborhood. I saw a case once as well on people's court where a homeowner lost their case b/c of the sign posting. Try putting up a NO TRESPASSING sign. Lots better and can still carry legal ramifications if need be. To each their own I just thought I would pass long info I've been told over the years! Good luck! ~Misty~

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I've heard that too Misty!

I live in Canada, so basically if someone breaks into my house and I beat the living snot out of them, they can take me to court for assault. So there's no point putting up "No Trespassing" or "Dog on Premises" signs.
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