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Originally Posted by 2manydogs View Post
Lol, so this is what I would do......

Get no trespassing signs and place them in clear view BUT got your TSC or farm supply store and get a Beware, Electric fence sign as well...........

Smack that sucker right in the middle. You could even make it more convincing by hooking up a car battery to your fence and or running wires to it.

I'm sneaky like that...always thinking outside the box, lol.

Kids are scardy cats, some are mouthy but when it comes down to it no one will touch that fence cause they have no clue whether it's electric or not
When I was a kid I would have touched it because it said it was electric. Use to touch the electric fence at my aunts farm around the bull pen. Hurt lile hell everytime but I still did it.

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