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Default Treats for dog on food restriction...

So Ziva has had hives for several weeks now and both her regular vet & the allergy/dermatology specialist agreed that she needed to do a food elimination trial before we can allergy test her. So for three months she is allowed to eat nothing except for her prescription dog food, apples, carrots & bananas.

In order to be able to still give her treats of some sort I have been grinding up her food in a blender & mixing it with grated carrot, diced apple and some water. I then use a bone shaped cookie cutter to shape the "dog food dough" into bones of various size & bake them till they're crispy. She loves them!

I've also now begun making her baked apple & banana slices, which she also seems to really enjoy.

I saw a post about removing the core of an apple, stuffing the empty center with peanut butter, yogurt or bananas & freezing it. Definitely going to be trying that!

Anyone have any other ideas? I'm trying to keep her interested enough to work on training stuff (she's only a year old so still have plenty to work on!) in addition to wanting to have something to keep her busy for more than half a second. To say I miss being able to give her a busy bone, whimsy or some other long lasting treat would be an understatement, lol. Interesting training treats are equally missed.
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