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Originally Posted by 2manydogs View Post
Instead of using food have you tried a special toy and praise instead?
Yes, but again this only works for our usual walks, basic obedience sessions, etc. In the midst of high distractions, not so much. She's always been a little odd about verbal praise. From day one she was the only puppy I've ever worked with who didn't get excited when told what a good girl she is. Usually you can use a happy, excited tone of voice & say "good girl!" to a pup and they get all excited because you're excited. As a young pup she never did that. She has now picked it up, and at this point that is all she gets for basic behaviors in the house. In low distraction areas she's good with verbal praise or just a piece of kibble, but I'm looking for something to substitute for those high value rewards she would get in high distraction areas or when working on new behaviors & would also love to find something that can keep her busy for more than a minute or two.

Originally Posted by twoboys1214 View Post
I know what you mean. I would go so much as broiling a cheap steak and cutting it up to give for obedience classes only. But I noticed he was getting diarrhea. We keep giving them the treats during class. That's a good idea about giving then their own food
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If the steak is giving him diarrhea and you need a high value reward for training classes try other meats. Boiled chicken is usually easy on their stomachs. You could also try cutting up pieces of a natural balance food roll. Using their kibble as a reward is great if you have a dog who loves their kibble or is super food motivated. Unfortunately for me my Ziva has never been THAT into food, which is why not having a high value reward is making me a little crazy, lol.

Originally Posted by Gypsiemouse View Post
You can dehydrate apples, bananas (not sure about carrots) in a food dehydrator for crispy treats.
Baking them seems to do the same thing, but if it turns out that her hives are due to a food allergy and this current diet becomes a permanent thing I do think I'll be getting a dehydrator. Thanks!
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