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Originally Posted by GoudasMom View Post
Did your Vet send a sample of the fine needle aspiration out for histological examination or is your Vet just guessing its a MCT? If it wasnt sent off for further testing it just means the stained sample the Vet looked at under the microscope might be MCT. To get a definite diagnosis and to know what you are up against histological examination is required. To the Vet some of the cells might looks suspicious so they assume based on the breed and the "look" of the tumor what it might be. Frankly some Vets dont even know how to do a Fine Needle Aspiration correctly. If the sample tissue is expressed from the needle too quickly it can damage the cells thus not being able to give an accurate evaluation.

I wouldnt do anything until the tumor is removed surgically and a sample of the tissue sent out for a histological examination. Once the results come back you will have a definite diagnosis and will know how to proceed from there.

Benadryl and Tagamet are for MCTs yes, however you arent even sure if it is a MCT so no need to start something unless you know for sure.

She said she wasn't sure but didn't like the way it looked under microscope and that we wouldn't know until after it was removed and sent to lab.

Thank you for your advice
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