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Sorry for the delay but had some medical issues

We exchanged sever emails with her about her pups and when she gave me her prices I told her thanks but it was a little more than I could afford. She wrote me back and said that since I had shown interest for some time, she would reduce her price.

I filled out her form and she said she had a litter and would let me know what would match us after testing. After many weeks she said that she had a pup for us and sent me pics. I commented that the pup seemed small and she confirmed she was 1.5 lbs smaller than her litter mates but assured me that genetics are genetics and the pup would catch up.

After more conversation it became clear that we were getting the runt and basicly what was left because she discounted the price. It had nothing to do with her "testing" or our request. We told her we needed a pup with as open nasal airway as possible as we will be living in Central America part time and it is HOT AND HUMID. We also wanted a dog that would be alert to strangers ( not completely passive) as her testing should show

What we got was a pup whose nose is so tight you can hear breath across the room, underweight as she barely eats ( I have tried everything, multiple foods, wet, etc), and is scared of everything and anything.

The pup now 6 mo old is a sweet girl but I not what we wanted or ask for and leaves us in a bad situation. We do not want to re home her but she will not be a fit for our family especially when we are in Central America. I fear the heat will be to hard on her.

I wrote Big Mac several times and all I got in reply was to hire a trainer. She has offered no assistance and this has left us in a terrible situation

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