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Originally Posted by tinadillon View Post
Hello there and thankoyu for your reply. No I am not fearful at all. Have had many dogs over the years and am the wrong side of 40 now! I am just conscious I walk a lot alone thats all!. Thanks again.
Just to keep it simple,this is what should do with "Any" dog you get and it should be done with "Every dog.":

Wheres my sanity: Sit on the Dog, aka: The long down
Energy - it's all about confid-tude

The Magic Of Duration Work | The Good Dog Life Blog

It's called training "calmness into a dog" you train an "off switch!" That's a quote from "Bailiff" on the GSD Board! He 'introduced the concept to "us" and I found the clips!

These are very important it's how you can control your dog and control a lot of unwanted behaviors.

You tell your dog "Place!"

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