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Default stubborn, need help.

Briefly, some quick background.

I adopted a two year old female boxer from the shelter a little over a month ago. As a new boxer owner, I was surprised how sensitive she can be but she definitely has a very stubborn streak. It only shows on our daily walks when she gets too excited around other dogs and jumps up and down basically goes nutz. I'm a big guy and have to be careful she doesn't hurt herself on the leash. It's not a pleasant ordeal but when I discipline or try to correct her behavior she is so sensitive that she actually pouts when we get home and I feel horrible about it. I'm caught between giving her the discipline she needs but not wanting to break the spirit that makes her such a wonderful dog.

When she acts up on the walks, I try stern verbal "no or bad dog" corrections. I will try to make her sit but she just tunes me out totally.

Am I supposed to ignore her after the walks when she acts badly? Like tonight, it seems like a silent stand off and I'm not sure if I reinforce her bad behavior by giving in and offering treats or affection or if it's better for her that I hold my ground so to speak?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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