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Originally Posted by mchoffshore View Post
Thank you for the info Chip, great links. I just ordered a slip lead leash and will give that a try.

I stood my ground after our walk a few hours ago, did the no talk, no touch, no eye contact thing and she crept up into my lap so she is done pouting, so much personality, I can't help but to be amazed by this dog.
Oh I completely get it! Believe me, I spend a good share of my time standing up for Boxers on the GSD board! A lot of them are pretty impressed with our dogs.

I completely understand where your what your saying and yep you get these dogs! But ... I can service the greater good by not getting sucked in.

The no touch no talk no eye contact is good but you have to give her permission for up on your lap. If she initiates it's a No go for awhile. You'll know when it's time to lighten up!

But between the two of you it gave me an idea for another thread! A principle
of the "Koehler Method of Dog Training" and "The Place Command!" I have to think it through and I'll start a thread!

Well you seem to get the idea of the SLL pretty quickly?? Honestly I'm pretty surprised?? Very,very few trainers in these country teach it! It's not hard it just takes "time" and that is there most precious commodity!

On the other hand Sean O'Shea this guy:
Los Angeles Dog Trainer - Dog Aggression Training - Dog Behavior Modification

I listen to his Q&A Saturday all the time! Lots of great insight but I don't often reference his work. He uses to much stuff for my taste A Prong an E Collar and a Dominate Dog Collar??? But from him I know the Prong Collar can be problamtic for corrections with some Dogs and Owners ...but that's another story

So moving on this link is in there but to make sure you see it:

Right there is all you need to know! When I started to get it right a Flat leash and Collar is all I used and I got very good with it. The SLL is essentially the same principle in use as that video but a SLL can be more effective because you can position it high and snug to start and it will stay there a little longer.

A correction consist of a slight tug on the dog "sideways" not a yank just enough pressure to cause a slight change of position! Dogs don't really do sideways well.

Now if you want you can fashion a SLL out of your regular leash. You just put the clip through the handle to make a loop in the shape of the letter P. If your standing with the dog on your left. Put the P on the dog with the top of the handle loop on the side of the of the dog and there you go! Or put the P on the dog with the dog to your left.

The leash should be to the side of the Dogs neck.

But it's not a real SSL so you don't have the stop! So you have to kind of let the loop float to keep it in position at first! Normally you want about 18 inches or so of slack if you use a makeshift leash you want to keep the line snug but not tight at first. Let the dog get in position and only a slight tug towards you to keep him there if she pulls.

When I have done this I usually hold the dog a in a little tighter than normal usually only for a few yards. You can guide the dog they get the idea pretty quickly and they relax. The loop part will drop but it's not really an issue.

Watch the clips but the above is what is going on it's easier to see than to describe.

The secret is when "Pro's" walk dog's they "expect" them to behave. Walking a dog is only 10 percent technique and 90 percent expectations!

Watch an episode of Cesar 911 or The Dog Whisperer doesn't really matter and watch what he does when he takes the dogs from there struggling owners.

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