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Originally Posted by Starrhae View Post
All of your info is so good!! I am learning everyday!! The biggest thing I learned from a trainer we went to years ago was we are the pact leader and to teach our dogs to mind their own business!!
I am a big Cesar follower and he has shown me more than I can say!!
My hubby and I are retired with 2 male boxers7&9!! A 1 year old Shih Tzu mix and a new boxer boy in 5 weeks!! Still learning!!
Welcome abaord and pictures of the tribe.

I rescued a Shih Tzu and his pals on one occasion, a Jack Russell and a Shiba Inu. The Shih Tzu was not crazy about Gunther because of Gunther's size he barked at Gunther to stay back which Gunther did.

So the four pack (Struddell and Gunther and the two strays) played in the yard and the Shih Tzu stayed with me in the back room. He tried to greet one of the Cats and the cat hissed at him, he looked at the cat turned around and came and laid down by my feet! Cool dog I was impressed!

We found there homes they were 2.5 miles away and headed for the Hwy when I rounded them up! We took them home. It was a good day and they were all three very nice dogs!

I guess to be fair dogs had never played with other dogs in there lives they were taught to ignore other dogs and these came in and my guys were already in place.

I just took a breath and everybody off leash I had my guys stay in place and let them (the rescue round ups) in! No leashes was key and staying calm. No issues no problems and I did my work but I give credit to Cesar for me pulling that off without issue.

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