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Originally Posted by mchoffshore View Post
Chip, thank you very much again for all the info and the links. You are correct on my inviting Bella up. Sometimes, those eyes just crush me! But yes I completely understand. I will continue to work with Bella and very much appreciate your insight. I also watch the dog whisperer and have learned some valuable information, especially on corrections and dog state of mind.
Oh I completely understand! I had an instant flash back!

Pretty sure Struddell use to pull that on me all the time?? It was never a problem with her or Gunther! But I had no idea that habit could be a problem when I changed breeds! Unrecognized behaviors.

A lot of things I did with Boxers was useful in training my GSD but a lot of the more subtle habits I also allowed came back to, bite me in the butt big time when I switched breeds (GSD)!!!

I did a lot of things right and a few things wrong. My GSD is the dog that made me want to actually understand how I had got things right?? And my Boxers and Boxer/APBT mixes had given me the skills I needed to fix him!

Wobbler dog (GSD) so no yank and crank! Stewie my first Boxer/APBT mix taught me the power of "verbal commands! I was on a walk with him and exhausted, I told him "sit" maybe he did not hear me so I said "SIT!!!" Stewie looked at me like he was going to cry??? He was crushed! He looked at me with sad eyes and sat down! I was stunned, the term "folded like an umbrella" comes to mind! I never did that again! Doing that never phased my American Band Dawg, Boxer mixes and Boxers it would crush!

Struddell and all dogs afterward I handle have benefited from that lesson! Doesn't take force or harsh commands to train a dog but it does take an "understanding of what your doing!'

So if it's OK with you for your girl to climb in your lap no problem! Just a "Sit" wait or a "Down" first! And actually a "Down" is a big hammer for "Boxers" Struddell "showed" me that! She would blow her flues in protest over a "Down" command! It meant to her "play time is over??"

A behavior is allowed "only" with permission if you understand that ..."Boxers" are a piece of cake!

Enjoy your dog! I don't need to do the "NO' Dog Park thing do I??

You remind me very much of myself with my girl. And in ten years she was "never" attacked by another dog! It would be extremely bad news for a dog and there owner if that ever happened to my girl!! It was best for "everyone " involved that I had a "No Dog Park" and a "No" I thought my dog was friendly policy??" policy!

LE would be involved! Because I would get that dog off my girl (Struddell) and go after the owner!! Because as I am want to say:

Now I will add that ... sigh .. my GSD understands that sometimes ... "Daddy does not make good decisions!"

He saved me from making a mountain out of a molehill, when he "failed" to stay behind me when we were charged by a massive Mastiff'Pitt mix that came from out of an open garage!

I saw heard the dog and told Rocky (off leash behind me) to stay and stepped in front of him instantly! I was focused on the dog and was prepared to lay into him!!! Rocky failed to stay?? Instead he step forward and beside me and smiled in the dogs face???

My attention turned away from the charging dog and to "Rocky???" At that point I could see again (no more red mist) and I then saw the charging Mastiff/Mix sit down, smile back and wag his tail???

I mumbled to the guy "control your freaking dog!!" and stormed off!! It actually took me a week to realize what had happened?? Most likely (Rocky) had once again save "Daddy" from a trip to the ER for stitches!

Just my way of saying ... people that "Dog Park" there dogs are in fact putting there dogs in harms way of the clueless and inept! My dogs are "safe" and well trained! They are not the dogs by and large that you will find in a "Dog Park!"

But for those eager to see an out of control Pit in action ... a "Dog Park" is where you will find them!

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