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We had the same problem at first too! We're used to Pitts, and they can get stubborn occasionally, but apologize when corrected.
Wren is much different. We only used mild corrections at first, but my coworkers at the Doggy daycare told basically finally told me I was babying her, and seeing it from an outside perspective made me realize they were right. The main behavior I'm trying to stop there is fence jumping out of the play area, and I actually almost cried the first time I had to yell at her about it. She quickly learned cute looks and pouting weren't going to change things, and now she's finally mostly stopped fence jumping.
When your correcting her on the walk she ignores you, but waits to be upset till she gets home? Or when she finally listens to a correction she's upset about it for a long time?
What I do with Wren is correct while she's being bad, and get her to sit, and praise her for sitting, and keep praising her as long as she's good if we're walking or something.
Oh it's also important to be firm, strict, and even harsh voiced occasionally, but you don't want to come off as angry or frustrated ever if you can help it.
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