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Originally Posted by 4paws View Post
I have no breeder suggestions in your area, but I can suggest that you make sure the breeder health tests before they breed their pairs. Worth every penny. Do you mind going far for your pup?

Also when you go with boxer specific rescues you get people who know the breed well for example they won't home female boxers in homes with already existing females, and will find homes based on their needs and yours,the boxer rescue I know is really strict on who they adopt their dogs too which is good.
I would consider going farther to know that I'm getting a pup from a good breeder. It's so easy for someone to 'say' on their website that they breed to further the breed and for health ... I've come across one breeder in Ohio (I have family there and I drive back to visit sometimes so another group of states for me to consider) who actually posts links to their health test result from the testing facility which I really liked.

We are only considering a male since we have a female. I think rescues do amazing work and I don't mind opening my home for them to visit, see how we interact, provide our vet info, references, all that good stuff. I do wonder sometimes if sometimes some of the people working for the rescues get maybe a little off track.
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