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Unfortunately, I live in Canada. There are 2 breeders that I would highly recommend here in Ontario, but that does you no good where you are. So far, I would say look into HavenWoods. They seem to have a very comprehensive site and show you the most important information re:health testing of their dogs. I went through it more closely because of that fact and was very happy to see that in their breeding lines is the father to the father of my soon to be furbaby! So I can attest to amazing bloodlines there. I felt the same way you're feeling. That I really didn't want to wait. In my haste, I almost settled on an awful breeder just to get a puppy sooner. Learned my lesson, that's for sure! I am very glad I took a breath, did some extensive research, and found an amazing breeder. Believe me, the wait til then is far more worth the potential of a poorly bred puppy now.
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