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Originally Posted by Kaco Boxers View Post
There is no such coat colour in our breed. Brindles and fawns are the only coat colour that our breed can produce. Boxers that are white are still either a fawn or brindle, the reason they are white is due to excessive flashing that covers the body. If you bred that white to a solid plain fawn or brindle you would not get a single white puppy. It is not a white gene, it is a flashy marking gene that has gone crazy.

Every several years the internet gets flooded with these rare "tri coloured" boxers and people claiming they are purebred. First off it's impossible, secondly the term purebred is loosely used. Just because a dog looks like a certain breed does not mean they are purebred. Purebred means registered/papered, it provides proof of said breed. No registry acknowledges tri-coloured boxers....why? Because it's an impossible coat colour for our breed. There is no recessive gene, lol. Some where way back in the blood line someone introduced a tri coloured coat ( Rottie, Doberman). They selectively kept a tri coloured offspring and then bred it back to a " purebred" over the course of multiple generations. The bloodline is unfortunately tainted with this gene now but it is not purebred, it's an unpapered cross breed.

Just because something looks like a boxer, doesn't mean that is what it is.

Exactly my thoughts as well, I have given up arguing with people over the impossibility of boxers having that coat color but it is a losing battle. I really hope it does not do long term damage somehow to the breed by introducing unknown temperament and new health ailments.
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