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Default Don't buy from this IL breeder!

We learned our lesson about finding a very reputable breeder the hard way and I want to save other people this heartache. I went to visit Merckx' breeders page ( only to find that they are still breeding his mom Amber, 6 years later, and 5 years after we told them about Merckx being diagnosed with canine meningitis. The vet told us it is inherited and he was born with it, but he didn't show symptoms until after a surgery, when he wasn't recovering normally. After a lot of tests and a spinal tap, they told us that he had meningitis, so we contacted the breeder, not to ask for anything, but so they knew they had a bitch that was carrying the gene for a terrible autoimmune disease. They offered us a FREE puppy, red flag number one. We obviously didn't want another possible special needs animal. I assumed they would stop breeding his mom and dad immediately. This is GENETIC. If you want to better the breed, you would not continue breeding a bad gene.

Fast forward 4 1/2 years later, a month ago, Merckx was diagnosed with ARVC, also known as boxer cardiomyopathy. After collapsing 3 times within an hour, two of those times we were already at the emergency vet, they did tests and diagnosed him. He died in my arms 5 minutes after leaving the emergency vet. It was the saddest day of my life. He was my child and my whole life. I was a dog walker for 3 years and he is still the sweetest, smartest, funniest dog I've ever met. I have again contacted the breeder and told them about his second genetically passed down disease and begged them to stop breeding Amber.

We are just starting to look at breeders, and we know a lot more of what to look for, price is not an object anymore, we are in no hurry, and I'll be utilizing this website and it's wonderful community of people. We will also be rescuing a second dog, after we get our puppy settled and trained, Merckx would have loved a doggy playmate.

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