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Originally Posted by Emijean View Post
My 14 week old has an obsession with eating rubber toys. So far she's eaten part of a rubber chicken and half of a rubber ball (she puked it up thankfully) we no longer let her have rubber toys but I don't really know what to give her. She shreds tennis balls and pulls all the stuffing out of stuffed toys. Is there anything else I can give her?
We have a terrier that will do that. Can't give her toys unless supervised. I find that she doesn't destroy a kong and we will give her a himalayan chew until it gets small then we microwave it to puff it up, or bully sticks, I don't really like those though cause they get messy. She can play with rope toys under supervision but not alone. Or and Dentley makes a stuffed femur bone(petsmart has them) and that works very well.
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