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Originally Posted by benthe bandit View Post
I agree that looking for a breeder who considers the working side of breeding would be a good option for a pup to work with later. However, a dog has the necessary drive or it doesn’t, or on different levels, the trainer will need to understand the limits and boundaries.
If you are saying that a good breeder who will take all efforts to breed a line a with a strong drive (so good selection) , then I would agree that the line will probably be good at working.
A good trainer, who understands what he is doing, sensitive to the dogs personality and who knows when to encourage the dog will be able to get most boxers to work, simply because of the nature of the boxer, irrespective if the dog is from a working line or not.
Well I get what you are saying ... "all Boxers" are "working Line Dogs" agreed. But as it stands not all "Boxers can work??"

You have to pick your battles or more accurately, chose your lines??As It happened a very long time ago ... when the Boxers were "apparently" re-introduced to America after WWll. Those original dogs "were thought to be to fierce, to be let lose on an unsuspecting American Public???" So they "changed them!" And thus we have here ... the American Line Boxer, still a "Working Dog" true enough but not the same?? Smaller, lighter slimmer and uh ...kinda goofy.

And frankly how the "Goofy thing happened??" Is still something I don't understand but it is there?? "The clown prince of the dog world" as it were and the the AL Boxers fans are legion!

In America ... the gal was to produce a true "Boxer" that nearly anyone can deal with. And yeah they are still kinda crazy ... but they are "civil!" Typically that means ... no Human Aggression, being kinda nutty was just a by product ... I assume??

Now the GSD ... which BTE2 threw under the bus ... by contrast ... even the pet quality BYB puppies ... don't tend to much care for people??? It can be limited to strangers outside the home .. .if one is halfway competent or they will threaten "you" if your not that good! That crap happens ... all the time!

There prime objective ... is "still" to bite strangers ... regardless of heritage and they still seem to be uh ..."good at there job??" Research GSD and you won't find ... "Goofy" being one of there breed characteristic, believe that.

So that said ... back to Boxers. So I take your point all "Boxer" are still "Working Line Dogs" but ... not all Boxers can work??? It depends on the job, the American Line Boxers and it sounds like that is the line you are "biased towards??" Is no longer suited towards the K9, MWD,LE,PPD thing???

Now maybe they (AL Boxer) can still do that stuff but people whose lives depend on there on their job or who people who pursue the IPO Mondo Ring as a serious sport ... just won't bother with an Al Boxer??

Now it doesn't really matter, it is a different job for different lines of Boxers. And the fans of the American Line Boxers are legion! They are luv'd world wide for who and what they are!

But if you try to use in the world of IPO or Mondo Ring?? Yeah that is gonna be an uphill battle??? How and whatever they did ...way back when??Is your first obstacle to overcome??? A typical well trained, well adjusted Al Boxer ... is not that interested in biting/attacking people???

And as it happens, I did not believe, such was not the case?? It takes the right drives and the right temperament for a dog to be successful at the IPO/Mondo Ring/LE/PPD thing.

And it's not that hard to find to an answer?? As ...what you're asking ... I have already pursued ... years ago as it happened.

Now I will grant we don't know what line you have or what your goals are??
But you are talking to someone that has been there done that and they could chose whatever line they want ..."bte2." And they chose a Euro Boxer, pretty much ...nuff said, there.

Now if your goal is to prove a point and you have the time money and energy to pursue the IPO/Mondo Ring thing with an American Line Boxer ?? Well ... you'd have my support but I would have to add ... good luck with that!

I tried online to find such a Boxer ... many,many years ago! And I found ... exactly "ONE!" And after a 10 year career when I found him, that dog was retried?? I do remember seeing a post of the police station where he worked.
But I did not pursue it, cuz you know I found one AL Boxer doing the LE K9 thing thing so surely there must be more??

But apparently ... I was wrong??? That American LE K9, Boxer, was apparently a case of that "guy and that dog?" Since the dog was retired I stopped my pursuit, I'd found one Al LE Boxer ... surely there must be more?? But apparently I was wrong???

And in years of searching thus far .. I have not found another American Boxer doing the LE K9 thing??? It's just no longer in there nature for the most part?? They are good at what they do however being good with kids and a safe friendly family pet .. that is good enough for 100's of thousands of us and good enough for me. If I want my next AL Boxer to have a job and I do ... I'll find something suited to what she does.

If you want to do the IPO/Mondo Ring thing with a Boxer?? It is most likely best to just get a Euro and call it a day?? You'll stil have to fing the "right " puppy but your odds of success will be better.

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