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Originally Posted by PawPrintBoxers View Post
There are some things to consider. Why does someone want a "working" dog? Do they plan to actually work the dog? Do they know what a "working" dog really is? Some people use it as a buzz word or to try and make a puppy sale. The truth is a true "working" dog has a high prey drive. They are go go go constantly and definitely think outside the box. So if you really really want that, then realize what you are asking for. And it takes a certain type of an owner/trainer to properly direct such a working/prey drive. Just like not every breed is for everyone. Not every ability is for everyone.

Boxers typically have a high prey drive. Obviously some dogs are more driven than others. But their pedigree does NOT make them the dog they are. And a "working" dog does not have a healthier genetic make up simply because of that designation. Every Boxer is different.
Good question(s) – as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, more titles more money for the pups, and I also mentioned that a boxer generally has the genetics to perform well as a working dog – but a good trainer is required – and a patient owner. I cant quite follow the comments on “pedigree does not make them the dog the are”, could you please elaborate.
We have always worked our dogs – for the purpose of this discussion I suggest we define that as IPO / Schutzhund etc. Working can also mean agility – with working I do not mean an Australian shepherd - something completely different.
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