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Oh interesting, of the top of my head ... I had no idea what "DCM" was but it turns out I do! It's related to "cardio" issues and comes back to if some dogs can't reproduce "Taurine " on there own??

In the old days it was not that big an issue?? Although it may have been with Boxers?? But these days everyone/most. Are on the "Grain Free" band wagon and with the incident of DCM, in other breeds DCM, seems to be on the rise???

Lindar51, on here was the first to make mention of it. And my first reply was ... well that's just silly, Cat Food has "Taurine" dog food does not need it, cuz because dogs can synthesize, Taurine on there own??

Well that is kind of right least ways, it was but, the popularity of "Grain Free Kibble" (mostly for allergies) has kinda messed that up???

But first, just so you know owners that feed a "proper" raw diet ... don't seem to have a lot of more common issues that "kibble feeders" struggle with??

So there is that. But moving on, for the most part "Royal Canine" is over priced prescription required crap!! Now that said ... if you have a pet, that has special dietary needs?? Then yeah they seem to have figured that out??

I had a cat that had UTI issues?? And the only "Kibble" that he could eat with out issues was Royal Canine S/O?? Every now and then because of the "hassle factory" I would try another brand of UTI, kibble?? And sure enough ... back to the Vet we go, for a full bladder! issue I gave up after a couple more attempts so he eat R/C S/O for some 20 years.

But back to dogs ... if you can find the list of ingredients for R/C ... DCM food?? I did not know they made that?? But if you can see the ingredients list. I'm pretty sure you'll find "Taurine" on the list of ingredients?? If it's there ... you don't need it! Just add a can of Sardines packed in water once a week and he'll get all the "Taurine he needs!"

I think I found that out here.

Hope this helps???

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