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Originally Posted by hdawn60 View Post

Our 2 1/2 year old female boxer is crazy at times with her anxiety. She had us up all night with her crying and barking and pacing. Any suggestions with products that one may use to help. Thank you
Does she get exercised regularly? Do you play mind game with her? Usually the anxiety will show up when they are left alone and not one is around. Where does she sleep at night? Has she been checked out by a vet to be sure she isn't in any type of pain? I'm just thinking it could be most anything. If she is healthy I would probably do training with her and if you have a backyard let her run and play ball. Playing games with dogs tires them, and that actually makes them tired. Right now I am playing "hot zone" with my guy. Sort of like place, Your can go to and see the game. It is done by Susan Garrett, she is opening her online training, I'm not going that too much for my budget. She teaches you not to lure your dog but to reward them for making good choices. I didn't really think much of it but its working. Overtime my boy steps on his mat I give him a treat, he now goes to it without a word and sits and wait to see if he will get anything. He does. We have not worked on duration though. We also play its your choice where you simply hold high value treats closed in your hand with it sitting on your lap. You say nothing at first the dog tries to paw t get it but you keep yr hand closed when he backs away you hand him a treat, do not let him take it. Lats you proceed to open hand then floor, that works too my dog no longer just takes things on his own, He waits to see. Of course when I see this behavior I do treat him. She ha other games but as i said he is too costly for me. Oh and you may want to try one of those calming collars on her. Looks like the old type of flea collar, I think adapt calming collar is what they are called.
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