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Based on your other post, you've had her since March. Has she always been like this, or is it new?
Is there anywhere she did have access to at night that she doesn't now? Our 2 year old will whine and not settle down when we put a barricade up by our front door. He's used to being able to go over and look out the side windows and it drives him crazy when he can't.

If he wants to play, he will grab a toy and nudge you with it. LOL

Sounds in the evening get him up and looking around and/or barking- if we are still awake (once we all go to sleep he only gets up to use the bathroom outside). This is part of his night routine, he will usually go outside around 8 PM and bark for a couple of minutes.

What time are you feeding her? Our boys will start whining and walking on you, licking, nudging, etc...about 6 in the morning because they are hungry and that's usually breakfast time (weekdays).

We've never used the storm jackets or other things that are specifically for anxiety, but they are an option.
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