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Congratulations! You will fall deeply in love with your boxer puppy. There really isn't anything sweeter. I recommend crate training. Mine would chew and eat anything his first year and a half, its a good place where he will be safe when not under your direct supervision. It can be difficult the first week. It also helps the pup learn that it is ok to be away from you and in some cases will help prevent separation anxiety. The first few nights we sat next to the crate as the puppy fell asleep, we also covered the crate, leaving just the front open. I wouldn't buy an expensive bed as he will probably chew it to pieces. I also suggest a kong, the you can fill with a number of things (you can google) and only give him this in his crate. Never make a big deal of the crate he goes in and comes out when quiet. Same when you leave house. We never tip toe as we wanted ours use to the fact that that was his spot. But there is a lot of info online to help.I must say we were sleep deprived the first two weeks as we learned his schedule, we also feed on schule which helped. Puppy like and need to sleep a lot, they also go on and off their food while teething. There are many on this forum that can give you plenty of ideas to try to see what works with your pup. I for one put a small collar n leash on whenever I took puppy to his outdoor potty area, as soon as he finished we praised and black inside.l We didn't associate playing with potty time until the job was done and he came in. Then he played got fed, potty time again and crate. Though there were lots of in-between time we just cuddled with him on our lap. When he got fidgety and bites potty time again and crate. Its a lot of work in the beginning getting him on your routine and coordinating his needs but the payoff is great. We also love pictures here so we hope you come back and share your puppy.
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