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My two dogs and all the previous boxers I have had love the Nyla bones for strong chewers I have those and Benebones too they come in different shapes and I have at least 6 of them around for them I keep them in a pile in the living room ( they are not fun to step on in the dark) and they like to lay quietly and chew on them I just throw them away when they get the knobs chewed off so there is nothing sharp I will say I have never had to have a dental cleaning on any of my dogs so I guess these do work. They also have an entire laundry basket of toys to play with more toys than any dog needs for sure but they like the ones that make the most noise! I also got these flashing balls that flash when you throw them woke up one night thinking the fire truck was outside as the house was dark and all I could see was lights well my boy was standing over me wiggling with that silly ball flashing away! I also will give them an occasional treat called a No Hide that will take them an hour to eat but I don't do that very often. A long time ago one of my dogs tried to choke on a pig ear once it got soft she tried to swallow the whole thing and I had to dig it out of her throat and it happened again with a male of mine with a similar thing so I am careful now with anything that gets soft like that (no more pig ears) And yes two boxers will entertain each other my guys are very fond of "keep away" they play that a lot with whatever they decide is valuable at the moment. My guys are always clowning around the Vet says I don't even need a TV with these two in the room! I have also found that most toys the squeaker bladder inside doesn't stand up to a boxer mouth it gets squashed pretty quickly!
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