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Originally Posted by chip18 View Post
Oh most likely all dog's do to some degree?? But Boxer's did get there name from what they do with there front leg's! They do tend to lead with there feet and not there teeth/mouth and that is kinda different in the dog world.

Cuz you know they are called "Boxer's" and not "Bitters" just saying.
The name is fitting for sure!

I guess that also explains why some have a longer mouth, like the GSD...

There was a meme I saw that had a little girl, maybe around 8 years old or so, who was sleeping.
There was a large GSD on her left side, another on her right, and one fully awake with it's head up above her head. The caption said something like "The safest girl in the world." I'd agree...I think only a crazy person would mess with one, much less three of them.
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