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My poodle will use use legs & paws. He actually uses his paws kinda like hands at times if he wants to hold onto something. He doesn't box but he will grab with his legs & paws. Chips #3 she read dogs aren't for everyone...I don't think the breed is the biggest factor as some people just don't train and yes with a big working line breed its a big factor. I am dog sitting this week for a neighbor, we just finished up our walk and was headed into he driveway when my eye caught another neighbor dog (pittbull, barking and running back into his driveway). These are people that shouldn't own any dog. Nice people but irresponsible in that they think its ok to let their dog run out front to do its business. They always say he listens and we are there..hmm its takes 2 seconds..ok now I'm ranting. LOL
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