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Originally Posted by chip18 View Post
Three watching over her??? LOL well that is an owner that has his crap together!! Most people struggle with one!!

But hands down and no crap ... if you get the GSD, thing right! That is a "Breed" that will put himself in harm's way for his "Family!" I have seen it and I was "Freaking stunned??" As were a couple members of "LE, when " two stray dog, came after rocky and I! And I slipped and went down on ice, while protecting Rocky.

And he was to my rear pretty bored with it all ... IE this old bit again?? But when "Daddy" went down??? Well this is different (Rocky)???

And he stepped over me to deter the remaining dog!! I was freaking stunned!!??? Cuz I was fully expecting to encounter a belly full of teeth! Cuz I roll hard and on my back or not ... that dog was not gonna get to "Rocky!! Without getting past me!!! But "Rocky" stepped up! Cuz you know (he thought) ... well I have not seen this before??? And you know ... perhaps' it's time to make presence known???

And he was freaking "Awesome" ... I hear a loud "Roar" from behind me and saw nothing but fangs, as he stepped over me to intercept??? And that last dog ... hit the brakes "Hard!" And just disappeared!!!???

I was freaking stunned??? As that behavior was certainly, not something I had trained??? And yeah ... it did take that, to change our relationship for me! But on that day, he was no longer a "burden, I had to bear?? But he became "My Dog!"

And while I still find "Boxer's" to be my first love. I get WL GSD's ... also! Just A different Breed's and different experiences???

And number three uh always or not, GSD's are "NOT" for everyone! In my view and you no, not recommending A GSD ... to everyone on a GSD Forum ... kinda ticks some people off! But hey I kept it "Real!"The "Good with the Bad" as it were. Are you worthy as it is?? Boxers as a "Breed" tend to like everybody, WL GSD's ... not so much??

And even "Boxer's" I am reluctant to recommend to most people?? Cuz ,you know ... while not usually a threat to life and limb, Boxers can be a pretty hair pulling experience to a new "B" as it were??

I like to "Keep it Real" for folks ... regardless of Breed.
It sounds good and bad that you and Rocky had to have that experience. So many things help us bond. I think all owners should know what they are getting into- preferably before they get a dog. I think you have to be honest as it is not helpful to sugar coat or mislead.

My husband and I have discussed what we think our boxers would do if they were in a situation where they had to defend us or themselves. I hope we don't ever have to find out. Jax would likely take on another dog, but I don't know that he'd hurt a person. The other two I think would flee any situation.

Like you, we feel we are the ones who should be protecting them.

If I wanted a guard/family dog, it would be a GSD. My husband had them growing up, and my grandmother had one.
I really like how the Malinois look, but from what I've read about them, and my husbands experience with them (he was around the Military Police & their K9's), I'd never have one as a family dog.
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