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Originally Posted by xxDonna View Post
Thanks for all the advice. With a morning walk and then eating he sleeps for a while then hes outside playing and then I walk him mid afternoon then after work my husband and daughter take him to a fenced in area of the school and let him run then he pretty much crashes by 8 at night sleeps the night. The worse part is between 3-5 I try and occupy him with toys and things to chew on but the cage has always been an issue.
We had snow last night and it was funny to see him this morning he didn't know what it was. Sort of comical.
Oh is he Crate trained??? That is a little different, on here I don't think many owner's Crate there dog's???

With my two Rescues, I was much better at De-Crating then I was at keeping up the discipline, that had already been established.

With Boxer's, our dog's tend to free roam in the house, they are allowed on the furniture and they do sleep in the bed with us! And "most" of the time ... that works out fine. But with some, Breeds/Dog's that lack of structure can lead to alot of uh issues down the road???

My first WL GSD was one of the dog's that should have been Crated!! And I think not maintaining at least that discipline, was gonna prove to be ... problematic in about seven months time!!

But we got over it, and while I had to learn of stuff fast, we got'er done and he turned into a great example of the "Breed!"

If I ever get another GSD or a MAL, they will be Crated (for a long while!) No question but ... I got another APBT/Boxer, Molosser derivative. A blend of these guys.:
Molossers breeds (Molosser dogs, Molossers, Mastiff breeds)

And I went right back into Boxer mode. Bella who was crate trained without issues. She spent exactly "One Night" with us in her Crate. She was fine ... but I couldn't handle it.

So you know back to free roaming in the house, up on the furniture and she sleep's in bed with me. So you know ... my bad. But hey if a dog has no serious "people" issues?? Then I cut then a lot of slack .... apparently???

Bella is "just" a typical Dog for the most part. But she does seem to have "Doubled Down" on the Boxer females "Pig Headed-ness!" And she does seem to like "Faking" Dog Aggression???

Boxer females are uh "Different" anyway. I was always a Male Dog kinda guy, until I got Struddell (White Boxer and my first Female) and she was kinda "Different???" As in ..."why exactly, should I care about what you want me to do, when what I want to do is much more fun??" But hey we got over and she proved to be a fantastic Boxer!

And then came "Bella!" And she seems to have added ABPT (I won't quit!) to Boxer Female stubbornness??? Sight it's a bit baffling as my first APBT/Boxer was a male and he was nothing like this ... But hey we'll get over it. I'm just gonna knew new tool's ... apparently???

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