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If I wanted a guard/family dog, it would be a GSD. My husband had them growing up, and my grandmother had one.
I really like how the Malinois look, but from what I've read about them, and my husbands experience with them (he was around the Military Police & their K9's), I'd never have one as a family dog.

Can..I too had GSD my entire life. As a child we lived a bit rural and wanted a dog that strangers would be afraid of. I always loved them and honestly I never had a problem like so many see to have today. I then got into Rottweilers, which is another breed that looks scary but the ones I had were extremely sweet and would hurt a fly. I always liked the look of a boxer however I probably would have gotten another Rottie but since homeowner insurance is a problem with both GSD and Rotties, dobermans (I've thought about them too) we decided it would be a boxer. Looks scary to those unknowing..not not he list that insurance companies were complaining of. so that how we ended up boxer. I am sure glad we did, he really is the most sweet dog I've ever owned. I love my st. poodle too but the boxer is more laid back now the he is mature.
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