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Originally Posted by Lindar51 View Post
If I wanted a guard/family dog, it would be a GSD. My husband had them growing up, and my grandmother had one.
I really like how the Malinois look, but from what I've read about them, and my husbands experience with them (he was around the Military Police & their K9's), I'd never have one as a family dog.

Can..I too had GSD my entire life. As a child we lived a bit rural and wanted a dog that strangers would be afraid of. I always loved them and honestly I never had a problem like so many see to have today. I then got into Rottweilers, which is another breed that looks scary but the ones I had were extremely sweet and would hurt a fly. I always liked the look of a boxer however I probably would have gotten another Rottie but since homeowner insurance is a problem with both GSD and Rotties, dobermans (I've thought about them too) we decided it would be a boxer. Looks scary to those unknowing..not not he list that insurance companies were complaining of. so that how we ended up boxer. I am sure glad we did, he really is the most sweet dog I've ever owned. I love my st. poodle too but the boxer is more laid back now the he is mature.
It's funny how some of the scarier looking breeds can be so sweet.
It is hard to own certain breeds for the insurance, homeowners associations, and various laws in areas.
I'm glad it worked out for you as Kai seems like a wonderful companion.
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