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Originally Posted by Lab4Us View Post
Since I posted in another thread, thought I’d introduce myself...or at least introduce my first Boxer. Have had dogs throughout my life and thought I was done with a 5 year old and 2 year old Staffy mixes from the shelter, since I’ll be in my seventies when they pass. First adopted in 2015 and second in October 2017 (I retired retired in January of 2017). These two get along great and I have plenty of time to exercise them. The 2 year old gets walked 3 mikes almost daily (56.4% Staffordshire Terrier, 15.6% Siberian Husky, 12.3% Rottweiler, 5.4% Golden Retriever, 5.3% German Shepherd Dog, 5.0% Great Pyrenees), the 5 year old alternates between 1 and 2 miles almost daily (50.0% Staffordshire Terrier, 18.7% Labrador Retriever, 13.9% American Bulldog, 17.4% Supermutt (Australian Cattle Dog, Cocker Spaniel, Rottweiler)).

The Boxer, Thor, was my daughters. Her soon to be ex-husband “surprised” her with it when it was 6 weeks old then did nothing ever with it. My daughter is a parole officer supervisor and works 10 hours on average a day, plus sometimes weekends. This is with a four year old as well. The dog was left in her house all day when she was at work (so not house trained). She asked her soon to be ex to find it a home, but he did that like everything else - he didn’t.

As a dog person, I knew this dog, in that environment, was destined to fail. Talked to the wife, talked to the daughter, and soon had a 6 mo old brindle boxer who is now 7 mo, 1 week. No papers, but Embark says 100% Boxer back three generations. And no health issues of the 172 Embark tests for.

Now 90% house trained (crated at night - I don’t consider my dogs house trained until I can leave them roam at night and he has a few months before we try that). Went on our third one mile walk today (lots of leash training to come), and my favorite trainer doesn’t have an obedience class until January. I can probably do it, but this dog is not socialized at all with other animals - I am fortunate it gets along with mine (all males, older two neutered, Thor will be at one year old). So the training class will be more for socialization.

I look forward to making Thor a full time member of our “pack”. Only second full breed dog I’ve had in my life (other was a black German Shepherd Dog back in the 1980s that didn’t work out, though I found him a great new home on a farm). Internet has helped greatly in my dog raising skills!

Anyway, I look forward to gleaning what knowledge I can here about my newest pack member and helping where I might be able.
Welcome. I get lot's of useful info here. It's great.

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