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Originally Posted by Matt74 View Post
Pretty much happens when any dog is in the news. I remember when the movie 101 dalmatians came out and the shelters were actually going on tv telling people to stop getting them because a ton were ending up in shelters.

Its like when people meet Zuke and me walking off leash and they say, "Oh, I thought boxers are nutty, high energy and don't listen." and I always say, you want a dog like this, be prepared to do a couple hours of training and exercise a day at the least, and training doesn't stop when they learn something, he is 3 1/2 and we still train every single day
The husky's were in the news a few months ago due to Game of Thrones and the dire wolves...I guess some may have gotten a GSD or Mal for this too. I wonder how many want one after seeing John Wick 3 too.

It's great that your neighbor listened. I think so many get a breed based on how they look instead of the best fit for their life.
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