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Uh Oh, did you get her as a puppy and she is six months old now??? Or is she a six a 6 month old rescue??

Cuz, if she was a puppy then for the most part it's what you did ... with the "wrong pup." If she is rescue ... your working with someone else's mistakes.

I only ask out of curiosity?? Cuz you know if it was a puppy, we all know exactly what you did. And "most" of the time with "most" pup's but it works out fine. But "sometimes" not so much??? In "either" case .... take a step back and try and "Chill," we got your back! Cuz as they say ... "All problems, begin at home."

Oh and 1 to 2 hours ... is nothing! She is just being a "tool," the first step in any case, would be start to feed her in her "Crate" only! But it sounds like she is just bored and it's "Separation Anxiety" so if you did get her as a puppy??? The next question would be, was she ever left home alone, ever during that time???

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