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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I just find they don't do well with nothing to do cause if you don't give them something to look forward to doing they will find something to do you may not like!
Well, yeah.

And I'm gonna try and "dial it down." Although by may standards, I don't feel I've been too outlandish?? But, finding one self .. "overwhelmed" is nothing new?? It's what you do once you clearly understand that, "You" have a problem here??? Is what makes a difference.

And yeah ... my bad, cuz "Find a Trainer" can be a valid answer! But all "trainer's" are not the same?? And if you are starting from ground "Zero??" They all look the same??? That's what I was "trying to say" when I went "nut's" again ... "still??" So, my bad.

So you know, nothing wrong with "finding a trainer" if that is what the OP, needs to do??? No one knows "everything about every dog" ... uh apparently.
I did much better with a "get a right" out the gate case or someone is gonna get hurt dog! Then I am "currently" with my regular dog "No Recall" case "Bella!" But she is getting better. At any rate hopefully the "OP" will chime in??? And I'll be good.

I'm just kinda a "hard core" live no dog behind kinda guy! I just tend to it take it, too far at times ... my bad,

So to the OP ... "Please Come Back."

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