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Default Re: Homemade dog food.

I use to give Roxy homemade food! Shes now on Canidae and RAW! This is what I did:
I first cut up all the veggies because it was easier that way!

I boiled about 12 cups of water then added about 1lb of ground beef/chicken, then added the veggies then when all that was done I put it in a huge camping type cooler and mixed in oatmeal. I use to make it for like a month supply so I made alot and it took awhile!!

I used:
ground beef/chicken
fresh veggies(green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, ect)

Then I froze everything in freezer bags. She ate about 4-5 cups of this each day. I also added bananas or apples and fish(sardines,mackrel,salmon)

I think thats about it.

Now her and Reeko get Canidae dry dog food, Missing Link Supplement and RAW gizzards, hearts, kidneys ect, and the occasional marrow bone!

I buy all of this at the grocery market

Hope I helped a little bit
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