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Default Re: Hello . any one hear of Landos Boxrs??

Personally, no mention of health testing nor do they use any other kennels to bred to. *They bred to their own dogs and any breeder should not have the perfect mate in their own backyard, hence why most mating come from two kennels.

They also do the FOSTERING program which I Detest. * This means, they want you to pay for the care and upbringing of your dog, but they want to use the dog for breeding. * Thus IMO just pimping out your pet. * You need to be careful in situations like these. *Yes, some dogs are sold in the us on co-ownerships but dogs are mostly on co-ownerships for show prospects and thus is they prove to be good quality breeding stock, and pass health testing then can be used for breeding. *Foster programs are mainly IMO for breeding.

You also have to be VERY careful with Euro dogs in the US. *Many brokers get these dogs from Europe that their own kennels dont want - bad hips, bad backs etc. * They are not screened and these brokers sell them to breeders in the US and they turn around and just breed to make EURO puppies, and sell them for a big price.

What are you looking for???
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