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Default Re: Hello . any one hear of Landos Boxrs??

I specifically asked her about that. (I have had two boxers die of heart attacks.) They are heart and hip checked. She garentees them for three years.
I would ask for hard copies. *Just be be sure ESP with imports. *I also like to see how a breeder got their imports - directly from the kennel or from a broker, or another breeder in the US/Canada.

I like to see kennel names on dogs (pegirees), not just first names on their websites. *To me you should be proud of the lineage of your dogs, and also by seeing a pedigree, you can trace the lines yourself and check out the background - that me - I am super anal

Is this the kennel you are getting your pup from that you posted ? *The fawn girl? *If so why are you asking about them, is there something that is kind of not sitting right???
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