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Excellent topic!

My first boxer, I admit, came from a BYB. That was my girl Savanna (11 years ago), back then I looked for a breeder who owned both parents and had dogs that fit the AKC breed standard and had dogs that were current on any and all vaccinations and had not had any previous health problems. I looked for a breeder whose dogs were friendly, clean and kept in a 'nice' environment and who fed 'good food' (back then my idea of good food was unfortuneately Science Diet because that is what my vet fed his dogs).

NOW- I look for breeders who do health testing and I ask what their philosophy on vaccination schedules are. I expect a breeder to be very knowledgeable about the breed and their potential health issues. I look for breeders who ask me at least as many questions as I ask them and who do not constantly have puppies 'waiting' for homes. I look more for a breeder who does not own both parents, but who has put a lot of time into finding the "right" mate for their dog. I want to know what the breeder feeds their dogs and if they compete with their dogs. I want to know, not only if the parents, grandparents, etc are champions but also how long they lived and what their health was. I want to know about the interactions the puppies have before they are ready to go to homes. I want to see what the parents, grandparents and any previous pups look like to determine if they are of the physical type I am looking for.

I am so much pickier now, but then I know so much more. Imagine what I might know in another 10 years!!

I have also adopted boxers and provided a foster home for boxers, in doing that it has made me realize how many boxers are not cared for or well bred. It drives me to be even pickier about the breeder I will choose for the next boxer that I 'purchase'.
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