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Default Re: What makes you select a certain breeder??

Altho our first Boxer was purchased from a breeder(we found her in the paper, what does that tell you?), came from CH lines, AKC registered, knowing what I know now, I would have asked a lot more questions, like health testing and why did they decide to let this pup go? She asked literally none of us, no followups, zip....My next 2 were rescues and then I met Angel & Rhonda thru my meetup group...Now I'm learning things and know what to ask, and what to be asked by her as well.And let me tell you, Rhonda grilled me before agreeing to sell Angel to us...Altho Angel wasn't bred by her, she knows the breeder, they did a puppy swap, that's how she ended up with Angel. Rhonda explained why she wasn't shown, pointed the faults out, etc...So fast forward to last year and I've decided it's time for a new pup, the first mating didn't take, but in a way i'm soo glad, otherwise I wouldn't have been blessed with Flick, who has totally exceeded my expectations

I always ask questions of Rhonda and others, always picking the brain of someone as I still really don't know a lot what to look for, but I do know one thing, first and foremost to me health testing and temperment....I am understanding better why you pass on breeding one dog to wait for another...I want to be able to ask the breeder how previous litters have done, any issues that came up and know that I will get an honest answer....

I did do a lot of research before we bought, or so I thought * But knowledge is power, you can make a much better decision if you have a lot of information available to you.....

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