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haven't heard anything back from the local rescue grant writer *

locally i'm doing mall adoptions with mix breed rescue. *I bathed 3 little ankle biter type dogs the other day at the vet LOL. *we had an adoption at the mall today with 5 dogs and about 10 kitties that were dumped or born outside a local store.

poor kitties are only 3-4 wks old and it has gotten down in the 20's to 30's lately at night. *Too young yet to be adopted but we took them for a showing at the mall. *10 kitties all in one wire crate! it was adoreable. *i have a pic on my camera phone of them riding in the front seat of my truck. *I love kitties as much as i love boxers *

baby steps and do what i can locally. *will take someone with more expertise than I, to take it further.
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