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Default Re: What makes you select a certain breeder??

I look for 1. Health Testing, 2. Conformation. *Those are the most important things to me. *But the really big thing is the breeder him/herself. *I have to get a good vibe from them, they have to answer all my questions no matter how silly, they have to be stringent about the type of home they sell their dogs to.

Our first boxer Jax (RIP) was bought by Josh from a BYB before we started dating. *He was a great dog, a little high strung though and definitely off-standard. *At 3.5 he developed epilepsy and died one day short of 5 from it (probably caused by a brain tumor). *We were heartbroken, to say the least. *Still are.

When we decided to add another dog to the mix when Jax was 3, I started doing research online and came across a boxer forum. *There I learned about health testing, conformation, the ABC, breeder referrals, etc. *I started looking in July and we brought Brody home in January. *We hadn't planned on bringing home a pup that early but I found a litter and breeder that answered all my questions, did health testing and conformation, etc. *

Our newest addition, Riley, came from the same sire as Brody. *I had known about this breeder from two years earlier when we brought Brody home and loved them. *They did everything I wanted and being the president of their state's boxer club showed their dedication to the breed. *Riley is from an awesome pedigree and has been a joy. *

For us, responsible breeders are the way to go. *I applaud everyone who rescues, but we lean toward responsible breeding.
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