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Hi i just joined the forum after a few days of just surfing. Looks like a wonderful place to be. I will give you a little information on my scoop lol. A year ago my roomate wanted a dog and I told him get a boxer because I just love them. So it was a good experience because i got to take care of one without the $$ aspect even though there weren't many problems to take care of. My roomate moved back home and took the boxer with him. I have wanted my own for years but havent been in the best state to have one for my own. Im now 23 and am finishing my last semester of university in Toronto. I am from Bermuda so will eventually be living with the new boxer there. I have been looking around and have come across Lando's boxers which is about an hour and a half away from me.
I am going this weekend to take a look and have a chat. If ANYONE has any info or experiences with them it would be wonderful! also here is the stipulation. Ideally i would have loved to get the new pup/dog end of april when i will be graduating and will be going back to bermuda during the summer until oct. and will come back to toronto for about another year or two. I would have loved to bring up the puppy in bermuda where it would have a large yard to run around in and enjoy while i am at work and can take him to the beach etc. when im back home. and he will have been well socialized when i bring him back to toronto with me. ONLY thing is that bringing in dogs from north america to bermuda the dog must have two rabies shots which means they have to be around 10months.
This is just a little info about that.

Anyway I was looking at Lando's but a definately open to any suggestions of great breeders. So basically if i bring a dog in from America/Canada the dog must be 10months+ but i can import a puppy from UK as well as a few other countries mentioned in the link i believe. Ideally a puppy would be the best so we can bond from early as well as me watching it grow up to a handsome young man lol. so was wondering if anyone know anything about lando's boxers or any suggestions as in what to do (puppy vs young dog) (america vs UK) i dunno. just looking for some insight.
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