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Default Explain please questions about contracts with breeders :?:

Ok so I have been actively looking for about 4 months for a breeder with the perfect pup to add to my family. I reallyyyyy want a reverse sealed female, or a reverse brindle. I have come across a few (most) breeders that seem great, and have had a couple recommended from a board member (thanks!) however, most reputable breeders tend to have a clause that I do not truelly understand. The whole Co owner thing. I really want a "show" prospect pup bc it is something that interest me and I think it would be fun to do with my son. However this whole thing of being required to do so many shows by a certain time plus breeding and the "coowner" or original breeder getting their pick of pups..yet me still being the only one responsible for all the cost of course...this just doesnt make sense to me, I am buying a pup for a high price I may add, plus I am responsible for giving you what amounts $$ wise to a good bit in puppy, plus I am 100% responsible for all this money for shows that are required and all the applicable testing so you get a whole lot for nothing??? Also what if I dont want to breed then from what I gather I pay you an extra large sum? (the last one I looked over was like $2500 more!!) This does not seem like fair practice to me I am trying to do the right thing and buy a high quality pup but gee that is asking A LOT out of me. Any thoughts?

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