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Well, I was able to talk to Lou Anne & she was very nice to deal with & very informative. Unfortunately she doesn't have any "pet" pups at this time. She said that she used a holter test on all parents & doppler on all studs & on bitches who had a murmur. She also tests for thyroid but doesn't test for hips as she doesn't believe that hips are really a large problem in the breed.

That being said...I've been searching continually & stumbled upon a breeder out in the Pittsburgh area. She only sells Boxers for pet purposes & asks $850! I know, sounds like a BYB...but, here's the rest. She won't even deal with you until you fill out a pretty extensive application (which I did). All her dogs are sold with the understanding that you will spay or neuter them. She tests all her parents with a holter monitor but not doppler. She also screens for thyroid but also does not test for hips (same reasoning as Lou Anne & several other Boxer breeders I spoke to). She also does a full blood panel on the mother before breeding. None of her females are breed before 2 & non older than 5 with a minimum of a year apart. If her dog has 3 litters within that time frame it is retired as are any dogs who are older than 5. She offers a 1 year health guarantee as well. She's been breeding for 14 years & her pups are kept in the house with the family. She does not require a deposit to hold a dog for you as she believes that no one should be forced to take a puppy if they change their mind. Idk, she sounds pretty good & everything she said to me plus everything in her sales contract is centered around the welfare of the dog. I would appreciate some feedback but of all the breeders I talked to she has been one of the nicest & pickiest about who she deals with. Also, the dogs are beautiful! I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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