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on the site...the pics from "new puppies" and "our boxers" look the same to me, but the site wasnt very helpful at all. If you are interested in them, it couldnt hurt to try to email them to ask a few questions like: do you have any credentials proving you to be one of the top breeders in the US? do you health test the sire/dam before breeding them? is the sire on site (something you might want to stay away from)? do you show/do agility/obedience? when do you let the pups go home w/ their new families (if its before 8 weeks, find a new breeder)?. theres more questions to ask, but im sure you get the point by now.

BUT judging by the poor construction of the site (regardless of how long its been up) and lack of info leads me to think that they would not get back to you in a timely manner. Ive made fully functional websites as simple as that in a few hours. Also, if they dont take the effort to make a simple website telling you about their program and such makes me think that theyre just trying to push puppies. (all personal opinion of course)

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