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I am a mess I brought this Yoda to his new families.

Yoda was rushed to Tufts Emergency yesterday afternoon in serious condition. Yoda’s energy level has always been somewhat reserved, however yesterday his foster parents noticed something was terribly wrong. They took him to their local vet who told them Yoda needed immediate medical care

When we received the call from the vet, she told us Yoda was having difficulty breathing, had straw colored fluid in his abdomen, as well as swelling in his back legs. We immediately alerted Tufts that Yoda was on his way

Yoda was so weak when he arrived at Tufts that he had to be carried into the hospital on a stretcher. We were told that he may not survive the necessary exams and tests to determine the cause of his condition, and we tried to prepare ourselves for the worst

The doctor’s tests confirmed that Yoda was in Congestive Heart Failure, and a cardiologist was called in on the case. Yoda was diagnosed with significant Dilated Cardiomyopathy, and they were most concerned because he was having cardiac arrhythmias. He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and was given a guarded prognosis.

Yoda’s condition is now stabilized and the Cardiologist said he is doing a bit better this morning. Yoda seemed brighter, was able to stand, and he even went for a short walk. His condition is still guarded, but we are hopeful that Yoda will be coming home.

Tufts gave us an estimate of $3500- $4,000 to treat Yoda, and only time will tell what the final cost for his medical bills and medication will total. The policy of our Rescue has always been to provide the best for the dogs in our care, and we will continue to do everything possible for these dogs until we no longer have the funds to do so. We look to you to uphold our mission and appreciate whatever financial help you can spare. Please keep Yoda in your thoughts and prayers.

Please help... any dontation will do!

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